BCCF – Partnerships for Change


 A registered non-profit organization that creates a platform for everyone to engage with    the Government of Karnataka on urban management issues. The present focus areas   are Traffic and Transportation issues.


Cycling Workshop

Critical Mass Ride The objectives and goals of the workshop were to:

  1. Understand the current International and Indian discourses on cycling friendly cities in order to formulate a base awareness of the issues involved, among the various stakeholders.
  2. To reach an informed consensus together with all stakeholders as to what approach would work best for the city of Bangalore.
  3. To formulate a base structure for capacity building of the city of Bangalore and outline a plan for inputs needed to make the city self-sufficient to implement plans on cycle inclusive transport systems.
  4. To put together an action plan that will identify both short term and long term plans such as, demonstration projects with implementation timeline and get commitment from the stakeholders to their roles in its implementation. The action plan will also identify long term needs such as, Bangalore Cycle Master Plan, Institutional Arrangements, and Capacity Building.